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Watch an hour long class on all of aspects regarding anxiety. Aleya shares simple yet powerful tools to shift and transform

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Listen or watch an hour long master class on releasing depression and grief. Aleya shares aspects regarding grief and depression,

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Join Aleya for a Master Class on self-love.

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Hi, I'm Aleya

I’ve been in the healing and alternative health world all of my life. I’ve always been an empath and have struggled and searched for ways to take my ability to the next level. I guess I asked for too much because, in 2001, I had an enlightenment experience. I don’t recommend it, and any guru or teacher that tells you that rapid enlightenment is a good thing is crazy and has probably not experienced an instant enlightenment experience. I took me five years to integrate that one moment of awakening and I had to unpack all of my emotional baggage while I did it. The work was long, hard, and painful.


Aleya Dao

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The Cups of Consciousness™ are the only subscription-based guided meditations that tune into the energy that comes onto the planet
  • Receive insights from the angelic realm everyday
  • Sit in silence, space out, or go for a walkYour mind doesn't need to "hear or do" anything. 
  • Your energy fields do all the work as you listen to the energetic protocols, light language, and sound healing.

Cups of Consciousness Podcast

Discover how to tangibly transform your life by tapping into
your spiritual being.

Our actions in the physical world are directly linked to our actions in the higher realms. As humans, we have got the ability to consciously and energetically adjust our energy in the higher realms to impact our physical experience.

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Whenever we do energy work with the planet, we have to recognize that we’re not doing it ourselves. We’re using our position in the physical dimension as conscious souls writing in bodies to make a request for the earth to use her energetic field to do the work.

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Join Aleya for a Master Class on self-love.

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Are You Ready To Shift Your Consciousness With Your Energetic Fields?

Discover how your spark creates a line of light so that you can uncover your own divine cosmic loop

  • Guided lesson on how and why to use your energetic fields
  • This practice will shift what you draw to you in your life
  • Learn the Light Language used in these concepts