Awaken your energetic mastery.

Experience profound connection with your essence.


The Cups of Consciousness™ 

The Most Advanced & Transformative Energetic Protocols

Receive insights from the angelic realm everyday.

Sit in silence, space out, or go for a walk. Your mind doesn't need to "hear or do" anything. 

Your energy fields do all the work as you listen to the energetic protocols, light language, and sound healing.

The Cups are specifically designed for people who are energetically sensitive.

Use your energetic fields to tap into your wisdom, essence, and mastery. 

Feel your Guides and Angelic Advisors.

Sip on the Cups and Shift In A Beautiful and Powerful Way.

Get Your Free 30 Day Trial

Then only $30 per month if you wish to continue after your free trial.

(Receive 20 meditations a month and 1 hour live energetic balancing TALL Cup session.)

(You can cancel at any time.)

The Cups of Consciousness™ are the only subscription-based guided meditations

that tune into the energy that comes onto the planet every day. 

Aleya has been delivering the Cups since 2009.

Sip On A Sample Cup...

Thousands of subscribers from all over the world feel like every daily and tall cup is just for them and supports them in a way that no other meditation or energy work does.

So deep..

I believe your meditations go so much deeper than most and help me connect with many dimensions and my higher self very easily and rapidly. Your voice is magical, soothing and of the heavens and I visualize you as an angel. You are amazing. Thank you for sharing your incredible gift! It is pure love and light.

I feel so safe and empowered working with you and your Cups.

It is like nothing I have ever experienced before with any spiritual teacher or guide.

So grateful!

Mary Martinez

You can cancel your free trial at any time.

Your FREE subscription includes...

 A 7 minute long energetic protocol, sound healing, light language activation meditation 5 days a week delivered via email or via the free Cups of Consciousness™ APP

As well as a live energetic balancing session with Aleya every 3 weeks. Aleya streams live for one hour.

You can live chat with her during the TALL Cup session.

The daily and TALL Cups tune into the energy of day and the energy that is coming onto the planet to help you shift your consciousness and level up in an incredible way. 

They are timely and timeless.

Angelic and other worldly. 🙏

(A free month is only available to people who are not Cups of Consciousness subscribers.)

Aleya Dao

Master sound healer with over 2000 online audio meditations and 9 sound healing albums. She is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and is pioneer in her field. Her incredibly powerful tools have helped thousands of people all over the world.


RESPECT & GRATITUDE.... I continue to listen to Aleya's amazing Cups knowing that each digital download is a magical download for my soul!

It has been a decade since I first encountered Aleya's work.

It was a soul guided experience as I watched my team direct me through webpages to finally land on Aleya's website.

I had never seen or heard of her prior and discovering Aleya was a lifeline for me during a time of tremendous family grief, conflict and death.

She was and continues to be an amazing voice of divinely connected guidance, care, healing and true support.  

Her work is timeless and her quality and breadth of work is outstanding!

Thank you Aleya for being a beacon of loving light and sound that joyfully ripples through my daily life when I tone and tune in with you.

With ongoing deep respect, gratitude and love, Maria.

IN TOUCH AT LAST WITH MY ESSENCE... I am so grateful for the opportunity to thank you for the immense shift I have felt in just a few short months of listening to your daily meditations and tall cups. My life is just flowing, thoughts and ideas appear in my mind and I follow them and how it all syncs together. I am forever thinking 'this is Aleya's work, wow!

I have been on a spiritual path for some time with very little noticeable shift in my day to day experience, but I can honestly say from my heart if you are reading this you have come to the right place for deep and meaningful change...just enjoy the ride as Aleya says!!! thank you soooo much. I feel really alive for the first time EVER.   Karen Jones


Aleya you are a hidden gem!

Thank you so much for my Cups of Consciousness™. Each morning is like Christmas...I find myself wondering what I am going to receive for the day! I honestly can say that I have made this a part of my morning ritual, as I brush my teeth and shower...I will put a certain cup on repeat and play it. 

Jenny Martins

Your meditations bring peace of mind and major results in a totally different way. I am living proof. I play the meditations every day and see improvements as I continue to evolve, practice, and grow. THANK YOU DEAR for all you do!!

Abigail Stone

My first day I listened to several of your meditations for healing and aligning/calibrating my energy systems.

It was magical!

My fatigue lifted and

I gained so much energy. 

It was fabulous!

Julie Knoll

Aleya, My cat and I love your meditations! They continue to help me in ways that nothing else ever has. On an energetic level, this work, is so amazing! Your meditations have a funny way of reflecting or confirming things that are currently happening in my life. 

Chris Anderson and Poppy

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