Finally…Meditations That Actually Work!

What if…

You woke up every day with energy, hope, fire, passion, love, connection, strength, and courage.

You were part of a community of like-minded people growing and evolving together, sharing, laughing, crying, connecting, loving

You started shifting, growing, deepening, releasing old patterns and bringing in new patterns

You felt calm and peaceful instead of anxious, were happy instead of depressed, experienced hope, manifested what you desired, were living your dream life.

She’s Just Like Me

Aleya Dao, Sound HealerMy subscribers frequently say, “She gets me,” “She’s just like me,” She’s what I want to be when I grow up,” “She’s a deep, calming influence in my chaotic life,” “Her meditations seem like they were created just for me,” “Her teaching is profound and deep,” “She touches me at a soul level.”

My Story (and I don’t recommend this path to anyone, LOL—it’s definitely the hard way)

I’ve been in the healing and alternative health world all of my life. I’ve always been an empath and have struggled and searched for ways to take my ability to the next level. I guess I asked for too much because, in 2001, I had an enlightenment experience. I don’t recommend it, and any guru or teacher that tells you that rapid enlightenment is a good thing is crazy and has probably not experienced an instant enlightenment experience. I took me five years to integrate that one moment of awakening and I had to unpack all of my emotional baggage while I did it. The work was long, hard, and painful.

Fortunately, I was wise enough to listen to the angelic presence that I was able to perceive after my enlightenment moment. Because of this guidance, I was able to develop protocols on myself that slowly cleared my blocks. It wasn’t long before I started using the protocols on my acupuncture clients (yes, I’m also a Doctor of Oriental Medicine). Pretty soon, I was known as Woman Who Heals With One Needle.

Today, I live a happy and fulfilled life with my incredible husband (award-winning author of four books and a master peacemaker) on our land near Yosemite National Park in central California. We live in quiet peace with our two cats, Hunter and Honey, and our Border Collie Emmy. I record the daily Cups of Consciousness™ and host my community every three weeks with the Tall Cups of Consciousness™  live video stream.

The Cups of Consciousness™ Meditations

I create each Cups of Consciousness™  meditation so you don’t have to do anything but listen. No mantras. No sitting in silence observing your thoughts. No yoga poses. None of that stuff. All you have to do is open the audio file you receive every morning and play it. I walk your energetic fields through a process that helps you feel more center, connected, and calm.

Want to sample what it’s like? Here’s a typical Cups of Consciousness™  meditation:”


Every three weeks, I host a live video energy balancing session where my community shows up for an hour of energetic protocols, energetic weather reports, and connection.

If you have a specific issue you want help on, I have trained a group of practitioners that would love to work with you. You can choose your practitioner and book a session here at my website.

You also might find one of my courses of interest. Here’s the link to all of my courses and trainings


The easiest on-ramp to my work is through the daily and TALL Cups of Consciousness™  meditations. Click on the Subscribe Button to sign up. The subscription cost is $30 per month, probably about half the amount you spend at Starbucks in a week or two. The subscription includes 3 to 5 daily Cups of Consciousness™  per week and the Talls Cups of Consciousness™  every three weeks.

Thanks for visiting. I hope to see you in our growing community.